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Euphonix S5 Fusion – 8 faders with MC Pro – complete studio bundle, offers invited

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This sales is for a complete Euphonix S5 Fusion with 2 DSP cards and near complete 'turnkey' studio system, including A/D/A convertors, outboard, Pro Tools sync' and Genelec surround monitoring system with sub.

The S5 Fusion is available for $17,995 (excluding taxes and shipping) and the seller is inviting offers for the complete system and will consider individual offers for the items listed below under the Peripheral Equipment title below:

Console & Control Surface

Euphonix S5 Fusion - 8 fader surface with MC Pro in a 5 ft frame.

1 x CM401 Master control panel

1 x CM408 Channel strip

1 x MC Pro Media Controller with Mac Keyboard and 4 assignable faders

SC264 System CPU includes 2 x DSP cards, eMix, patchnet, EUCON Hybrid control

1 x MC524 Monitor controller

1 x MA703 MADI to Analogue convertor

1 x EH224 24 port Ethernet switch

1 x Sonicwall Pro 1260 Ethernet router

2 x Sydec Mixpander Power pak 64 MADI I/O

1 x iBox MADI Pro Tools HD 64 channel MADI I/O

3 x Sydec MADI OptiCoax adaptors

1 x JL Cooper MC5 Joystick panners

Peripheral Equipment

1 x Lucid ADA 8824

1 x Wholer AMP1A-VTR

1 x TC Electronic DB Max

1 x Antelope Audio Isochrone DA

1 x Logitek Ultra VU Meter

1 x TC Electronic System 6000

1 x Avid Sync I/O

4 x Genelec 8240 two way active 6.5" monitors

1 x Genelec 7260A Studio sub woofer

1 x Genelec AD9200A AD convertor

Product Information
Manufacturer: Euphonix
Model: System 5
Fader Count: 8
Panner: Yes
Producer Desk: No
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