Selling your console, control surface or services

Please contact us at to discuss how we can help you find a buyer for your console or control surface.

From our experience helping hundreds of customers sell consoles, we have found that most sellers would prefer to use brokerage services in the sale of large and high value mixing consoles.

As a broker we create and manage the listing on Resurface, and then provide ongoing assistance throughout the sale process; from handling enquiries through any resulting negotiations and on to assisting with the management of payment, shipping and delivery. In return we charge a percentage fee based on the final sale price.


Resurface is a specialist, curated resource for users with an interest in high end analogue and digital consoles and control surfaces, and the need for services and expertise attached to these technologies.

Consoles and surfaces with a current value of under $3000 will typically not be relevant to our audience, and a Resurface listing will not represent value to the seller.

Listings for lower value desks are likely to be better serviced by other online auction and professional audio equipment sales websites.

We also believe that live sound consoles are also better served by other platforms as our audience is predominantly interested in music, TV and Film mixing.