We regularly receive requests for control surfaces, consoles and related items that aren’t currently available for sale on the site. If you have a specific request please do not hesitate to contact us and we will post your requirement below and help find you a seller.

If you have one of the items listed below and are interested in selling please contact us using the below form or email us at info@resurface.audio


Brand Model Product Version Location
Avid / Digidesign  D-Command  24 fader desk  ES  Canada
Avid / Digidesign D-Command 16 fader expander  Blue  Belgium
Avid / Digidesign D-Command  24 fader desk  ES UK
Avid / Digidesign D-Command 8 or 24 fader desk  ES Germany
Avid / Digidesign ICON XMon any age UK
Avid / Digidesign D-Control 32 fader (2 units required) ES USA