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How to Sell Your Console on Resurface

You’ve decided you’d like to sell your console on Resurface. Excellent choice.

Since launch we’ve observed many successful sellers operate on the site.   Here are the seven habits of those highly effective people.

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Audio joins the Particle party!

Particle Systems have been central to advances in hyper-real CGI for decades. A new application: Sound Particles, puts this tried and tested post workflow in the hands of the audio community. Chaos ensues! In a good way. (Free trial version link and discount code in full article).

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Frozen Fish Unveil Console Accessory Range

Having seen the demand for mixing console customisation grow from the occasional one-off to a steady stream of enquiries from around the world, Frozen Fish Design are now offering several of their most popular solutions as products, turning ‘haute couture’ into ‘ready-to-wear’.

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