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Euphonix System 5 for sale – 32 fader Dual Operator configuration

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Excellent specification, immaculate condition late-model 'Avid era' Euphonix System 5 for sale, from a very well maintained EDU facility. This desk has had very little use. Modules listed below:

2 x SC264 Master computer

2 x DF66 Super Core Engine

2 x CM401 Master module

2 x CM403, two joystick panners, 1 x film monitor controller

3 x CM408 fader module

1 x CM402 expanded channel fader module

1 x MD704 MADI to AES convertor

1 x CM411 VGA Module

1 x DM714 AES/EBU to MADI convertor

1 x MC524 Monitor controller

1 x ML530 Mic Line Interface

1 x AM713 Analogue to MADI convertor

2 x MA703 MADI to Analogue convertor

2 x Producer Desks with 12ft frame and legs

Please contact us for further detail and to discuss pricing.

Product Information
Manufacturer: Euphonix
Model: System 5
Fader Count: 32
Panner: Yes
Producer Desk: Yes
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