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Harrison MPC4-D Mixing Console

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A well maintained Harrison MPC4-D Mixing Console, in excellent condition and for sale from a prominent Germany based facility. The Console is fully functional and in use.

The system includes the following components:

56 Channel Faders, 8 Remote/Group Faders, 144 Inputs

Two operator mode: Single automation system, but profiled strips across two halves of the surface (Layer & Profiling Option)

1x Harrison IKIS Master (Linux System) with small keyboard and trackball

4x Harrison X-Engine (64 bit DSP audio processing)

8x Harrison IKIS Screen Graphic Engine

1x Harrison Xrouter

1x 24 port Netgear LAN Network Switch

1x Vetra Board

1x ION ATOM Soundmaster with 8 serial ports and Satellite Option (working with PT10, PT11, PT12) for synchronization with a custom panel (Vetra board ) built into the console with the buttons of a Soundmaster Shuttle. This allows for full transport control with jog/shuttle and includes the addition of a keyboard connection that allows number pad entry of 'goto' entries, 14” monitor and keyboard.
(The buyer needs to pay an additional register fee to Soundmaster Group for future support)

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Fader Count: 64
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