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SSL Duality 48 Channel in excellent condition

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Duality is firmly established as the industry standard for large-scale professional audio production worldwide. Akin to previous generations of classic SSL consoles, Duality achieves success by enabling engineers and producers to work quickly and ergonomically, as well as delivering superior sonic results. Duality’s innovative hybrid approach has found many fans, by combining a traditional analogue path and signal processing along with exceptional DAW control and integration, all within a single hardware surface.

One owner, 3 year old SSL 48-channel Duality console in excellent condition.


  • Cosmetic Condition Rating: 10
  • List of Cosmetic Flaws: None, only very minimal wear from light use
  • Working Order Rating: 9
  • List of Major Working Faults: Master section display screen glitch which causes one color not to show. No other faults.
  • Does Console Have Direct Outs: Yes
  • Direct Outs Transformer Balanced: Yes
  • How Many Lines In at Mix: 48 (96)
  • List of Any Modifications: None
  • When Was It Last Serviced: Has not required servicing yet.
  • List of Any Spare Parts: None


  • Model # & Qty of Mic Pre/EQs: 48 SSL
  • Model # & Qty of Compressors: 48 SSL
  • No. of Aux Sends: 48
  • No. of Effect Sends: 4
  • No. of Busses: 48
  • Phantom Power: Yes
  • Brand of Automation: SSL
  • Does Automation Work: Yes


  • Brand & Type of Patchbay: Neutrik
  • Is There a Stand: Yes
  • Is There a Producer's Desk: No


  • Original Manual: No
Product Information
Manufacturer: SSL
Fader Count: 40
Panner: No
Producer Desk: No
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