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Studer 900 Console

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Classic Studer 900 console (1999) in full working condition, sale price includes:

  • Patchbays (and interconnecting cables)
  • Custom producer desk, custom made by italian designer GGP design, with high value oak wood inserts. Furniture can accommodate 12 +12 rack unit in the left right upper spaces and another 12 in the lower right space, the one on the lower left is for the computer.

Console Specification:

  • 20 mono channels
  • 16 fader strips with 3 step mic preamp, 2 step line preamp and eq,
  • 4 mono high level input (can be assigned into 4 mono mix group with comp/limiter, 4 pre/post aux sends)


Console has been permanently situated in a non-smoking control room.



Product Information
Manufacturer: Studer
Fader Count: 16
Panner: No
Producer Desk: No
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