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Used Studer Vista 5M3 – 42 Fader

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This used Studer Vista 5M3 42 fader 5:1 is offered for sale, having been used and maintained in a professional OB setting.


Known issues:

* Issue with central control screen on the meter bridge. When the desk was in use previously, the owner used an external screen. This will be included with the sale.


Spec details:




4x 64ch MADI CARDS

RTW touch screen loudness Meter


Local I/O

16 Analogue Inputs

16 Analogue Outs

8AES inputs

8AES Outputs



Optional Extras (available for £8000)

1x 64ch Soundcraft Optical VI stage box with 2x 100M Fibre HMA breakouts and Flight case

Product Information
Manufacturer: Studer
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