Icon Spares: D Control Blanking Plates

In addition to being a source of brand new replacement faders for Icon D Control and D Command, Resurface have seen growing demand for Icon D Control blanking plates.

Icon Spares

The integrated custom keyboard and trackball for Icon D Control is showing its age, and is a little noisy in operation.

For this reason, many Icon users prefer to swap out the standard keyboard and trackball for their own, modern keyboard and mouse. In order to do this, a blanking plate is needed to cover the hole where the keyboard used to be. A trackball blanking plate was supplied with all new Icon D Controls, however not many of these can still be tracked down!

Resurface have manufactured a small batch of replacement panels, finished in light grey aluminium, with cable notches and screw holes aligned to match the original.

Available only as a set of two, they are ready to be despatched worldwide.

If you’re in need of a set, please drop us a line at info@resurface.audio