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ICON D Control Faders available

For those ICON D-Control owners amongst our community who have enquired about spares and ongoing support for both Blue and ES control surfaces we will shortly be receiving delivery of Penny & Giles faders.

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ADR for TV and Film : Why the Acronym Doesn’t Reflect

At the recent Media Production Show in London, Resurface co-founder Ben Nemes chaired a panel discussion with four of the top ADR mixers currently working in TV and Film. A central theme was the acronym itself, and what alternatives might better reflect the role of ADR in storytelling.

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Making The Most of Your S6 Investment Through Training

Like many pieces of technology, control surfaces are sold on the strength of increased efficiency. These efficiencies only materialise when the operator can squeeze every drop out of the technology, which is where training comes to the fore. Resurface looks at the options, including a new Avid-certified one day course.

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