Resurface and The GDPR

We live in a connected world of information tailored to our needs and curated for our personal tastes and interests.

We also live in a sophisticated technological world awash with acronyms. Few are less exciting than GDPR, however the two go hand-in-hand: Having our online experiences tailored and customised requires identification and some form of memory of our preferences.

Identification is usually achieved through the membership of a site and preferences through the use of cookies. Here at Resurface we require membership for our audience to access certain details on our site, to help tailor information and to protect those advertising members of Resurface whose contact details and locations are often published in the process of selling a console or other professional services.

If you are registered on the Resurface website you’ve already agreed to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  Given we are entrusted with names, email addresses and other forms of personal and company data (as a result of registrations and other customer interactions) we have a responsibility for this data. This is a responsibility that we take very seriously and as a result we have been compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 since our launch in November 2016.

With the advent of The GDPR legislation on 25th May 2018, Resurface Ltd have have updated our Privacy Policy to provide details of how we process personal data, additionally we have registered on the Public Register of Data Controllers. Our Privacy Policy explains in detail the nature of the information we hold, what we do with it, and your rights in regard to that information. As a Resurface visitor we strongly recommend you dedicate a few minutes to acquainting yourself with our Privacy Policy.

Now.  Back to mixing consoles and stuff.